Searching for and purchasing a new vehicle can be difficult, and often times downright impossible, especially if you’ve had trouble with finances in the past. If you’ve gone through the process of applying for a loan, only to discover that the financiers are unwilling to work with you due to your poor credit history, come to Auto Finance Credit instead. We offer hassle-free auto loans no matter your past misfortunes. Browse through Joe’s Auto Sales East’s vehicles, and ask us how you can apply for a bad credit auto loan. Contact us today.

Buy Here, Pay Here Loans

“What can we do to put you in a car today?” This is the question so many car buyers hear when they walk into a sales lot looking to finance a car. What, then, is the answer? Not so fast; sometimes answers come in the form of more questions, such as the following:

  • “How can you get me a loan?” – Don’t just settle for the first car that catches your eye. A shiny exterior and luxurious seating only goes so far if you can’t afford it. Know your limits, and ask us about our affordable car loan program. We’ll work with you, not against you.
  • “How will my credit history impact my ability to purchase a used car?An important question to ask, yet not many ask it. As a legitimate financial institution, we make sure you understand all rates, terms, and requirements of any auto loan prior to signatures being made. If you have poor or no credit just ask how we can help.
  • “How much of a down payment is necessary?” – The answer to this question fluctuates based on your previous financial history. Still, it’s always best to ask before getting too far into the car-purchasing process. In some cases we won’t require any down payment.
  • “Are there any early-payment penalties?” – It’s also important to know your rights as a buyer in regard to paying off your auto-financing loan. While we do not charge a fee for paying off your loan prior to its legal termination date, other lenders may do so. For an affordable and realistic approach to owning a vehicle, come to us.
  • “What types of documents do I need to bring with me?” –  We typically require all potential customers to bring with them a valid driver’s license, proof of income, residence, and insurance (or a quote from an agency you will be receiving insurance from), and any accompanying documentation for trade-ins. Feel free to call us for a full list of required documents prior to shopping.

Asking questions helps you decide how your finances match up with your payment responsibilities when purchasing a car. Make sure you aren’t jumping into the deep end if you aren’t able to swim.

At Auto Finance Credit we don’t assume the worst if you have a poor credit score. When others see you as just a number, we see you as someone who might need a second chance. Contact our used car and car financing department today to discuss your options.